“Living Excellently – Leading a Fulfilling and Happy Life” by Shan Rees

Shan Rees Living Excellently


1.    Having the confidence to be yourself.
That sounds good – but do you know who you are? This may sound like an odd question but oftentimes folks are so accustomed to living their lives as if from someone else’s song-sheet, that they have forgotten or else they have never given themselves the chance to get to know themselves.
Everyone possesses a unique blend of talents, skills and abilities, and I believe it is up to each individual to find a way of manifesting these in the world in such a way that s/he is happy and fulfilled and also making her/his unique contribution to the world.

2.    Knowing what your values are and living them.
How do you do that? Well, you might start by identifying what makes you feel good, what enhances your life, what makes your heart sing? If one of your favourite things is walking in the country or by the sea, ask yourself what you love about this activity and how it contributes to your wellbeing; for example, it may help you to feel calm or focussed – so that would be one of your values. Perhaps you love dancing – what does that give you? A feeling of freedom, lightness, fun? Those, then, may be some of your core values. Another way to find out is to notice when you are feeling down, what you’d like to have in your life at that moment. A lack of our core values can mean we function below par. So identify what yours are and make sure you get your quota!

3.   Building your Self-Esteem and shining your light in the world
‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.—–‘ Many may know this piece from Marianne Williamson quoted by Nelson Mandela in his inaugural speech as South African President.
Most often, we are criticised more than praised as children. We carry these negative messages with us into adulthood thereby undermining ourselves and blocking the fulfilment of our potential. But, thankfully, self-esteem can be learnt – we can learn to value ourselves and our ideas, thoughts and opinons and to accept ourselves as we are, rather than comparing ourselves with others, usually to our own detriment.
We owe it to the world to be our best selves and to manifest our magnificence!

4.    Believing you can make a difference and acting on that belief
Of course, if everyone had the confidence to show up in the world as their best selves, we would live in a very different world. A lot of anger and frustration is caused by people living lives which are not authentic. If there was more authentic living, I believe we would live in a more peaceful and harmonious world, one in which there was respect, justice and equality for all. In order to take steps to building such a world, we also need to develop resilience and courage, as we will meet challenges along the way. It helps to keep firmly focussed on what we are aiming for, to keep the wider picture in mind and to know that everything begins with one small step.

Shan Rees is a Life Coach, Style Coach and Personal Development Trainer. She offers a 6-month Living Excellently Programme.


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