“Creative Surges” by Andrew Ferguson

Andrew Ferguson

Does your creative side get a regular outing?  Does it ever get out of its box?!  This month I want to encourage you to have a creative surge … with a story.  This is especially for you if you keep putting creative projects on hold, in the mistaken belief that practicalities have to be dealt with before you can afford to allocate some time to such frippery!

Even before I left college my musical activities had fallen foul of the pressures of “Finals”.  There were brief encounters with various Jazz groups over these 35 years ago, but mostly a wavering intention to ‘get back to it soon’.  It was shocking to realise that 30 years on I was still in the intention phase; occasionally an opportunity arose, especially during my time at Findhorn, and I enjoyed them immensely, but most of the time my instruments gathered dust.

My busy and complicated work and private life always intervened, so I could only manage a few Sundays a year.  Gradually I simplified things and had some more consistent time in front of me.  I signed up for a local Jazz Workshop in September, and started getting back up to speed.  It gave me some targets to go for, a regular date to aim at and a group of musicians to play with.  Through this group I discovered another practice group that meets in an insalubrious room over a pub, and have been attending fortnightly.  I had met some of them before, and one in particular who runs a splendid group called The Big Red Band which plays for demonstrations mostly – that means public performances!  Through them I heard about an even more splendid enterprise – The Grand Union Orchestra – which has a core of superb musicians and invites in local amateurs and schools to prepare for a concert.  The upshot was to play Hackney Empire 3 nights running – fantastic!

The first point about this is that, as I frequently tell other people, “the only way to do it … is to do it”.  You may not know where it’s going, but if that’s where your passion lies … start!  Passion opens up possibility.

But the second point is really strange.  While I was dedicating most of my time to practice and rehearsals, and scandalously ignoring my business activities, the phone kept ringing, emails arrived – from as far afield as Poland, influential people sidled up to me at networking events, and all offered me work!  Now what do you make of that?!!  Is this a new promotional strategy?  Is the best route to new business to entirely ignore it?!

It appears so … but only if you divert your attentions to the pursuit of creativity.  If we stifle our creativity, we stifle the source of our abundance.  But if we give it free rein, we release an energy which inspires and attracts others to us.  Try it!

Andrew Ferguson

MA (Oxon) Chartered Marketer, FCIM, FIBC
SFEDI accredited and award-winning Business Advisor

020 7473 5544


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