KISS & keep your clients happy -a quick guide to a good online presence

Graphic Eyedea


What makes a good website?

• good content: informative ~ up to date & updated regularly
• ease of use: intuitive navigation ~ easy access to content
• inclusive design: accessible on range of device, to all users
• visual appeal: memorable presentation of brand

Some useful links for your options

open source
• Google Sites ::
• Blogger ::
• WordPress ::

• SquareSpace ::
• Typepad ::
• WordPress ::

Briefing your webdesigner

Questions you will be asked:

? about you and your business: how long? how big? how successful?
? about your clients: who? characteristics/personas?
? about your budget: how much? planned cost?
? about your website: existing site? if yes – what works? what doesn’t? if no – main aim? who is the competition?

remember :)
• communication is key.
• you & your designer/s are most creative & productive as team.
• give feedback promptly and clearly
• constructive criticism is welcome ~ silence or dismissive comments are not.
• trust in each other’s expertise is the best catapult for productive project progress.
• be clear in your direction and consider each other’s input.

view /download the slides:

Prisca Schmarsow •  Graphic Eyedea  •  •



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