Tea and the Zen of Social Media – 5th May


Sinead MacManus


In our increasingly connected 24/7 world, full of Tweets and status updates, friends and followers, are we using social media to really connect with others?

With iPhones, Blackberrys and iPads becoming ubiquitous, do we ever disconnect from the matrix and be in the present moment?

Can we be both mindful and connected, reaping the benefits of social media for our business without the burnout?

Join Sinead Mac Manus from 8fold for an interactive discussion and workshop over tea.

Sinead Mac Manus is founder of 8fold (www.eightfold.org), a digital well-being company that helps busy people work better. She writes about mindful 21st century working at her blog From Apps to Zen (www.fromappstozen.com) and is the author of From Apps to Zen: 26+ Ideas for Building a Business with Balance. A yoga fanatic, she tries to bring a zen-like quality to her daily life but normally fails due to drinking too many double espressos.

BOOK YOUR FREE PLACEhttp://wbc44socialmedia.eventbrite.com

Date:  Thursday 5th May 2011

Start time: 6.30pm

Venue: Adam Lounge, 44  Portland Place W1B 1NE

Cost: free


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