Three Steps to Kick Start Optimising Your Organisation


bybreen samuels

Do you know that we are the NINJA Generation?  Well according to Gordon Gekko, in the Wall Street film sequel, Money Never Sleeps, we are.  He describes us as having, “No Income, No Jobs and No Assets.”

This is a great metaphor that defines the environment that we have experienced in one form or another since the 2007 economic downturn.

As we transition along the path towards more prosperous times, we as leaders of organisations have to be creative in optimising our revenue streams.  I have a Three Step Process that may help to kick start this.  However, before I share that with you, I’ll give you a quick overview of who I am.

My name is Bybreen Samuels and I have fifteen years’ experience of developing organisations.  From a fundraising perspective I have generated over half a million pounds in one application for an organisation that provides day care services for elderly people.

I’m the CEO of Insights To Impact and we teach organisations how to create and implement their business models and marketing systems.  In essence, business modelling is about how to monetize and activate business plans so that they do not remain static documents.

Three Steps to Kick Start Optimising Your Organisation

  1. 1. Build and Cultivate Your Database

Developing a database of contacts who could eventually become customers is an essential feature in generating revenue streams.   A way to achieve this is to create information products that you can give away for free, e.g. a DVD, CD or an e-book.  In my case I created audio recordings of 25 business optimization tips, which you can download at

Guerrilla marketers understand that the customer relationships they have are critical for financial success.   Why not undertake a survey to find out the needs of your current customers.  A useful tool is which you can sign up for, free of charge.

  1. Teach What You Know

Knowledge that can make or save people money is rated highly in this climate.  Keyword searches in Google are an indication of the millions of people who are trying to find solutions for their problems.  Each of your organisations has information that can be package and deliver via a training seminar that people will pay for.  Knowing the needs of your customers can help you determine what this could be.

  1. Next Level Coaching

A natural follow on from your seminar is to offer Next Level Coaching which helps to deepen a customer’s experience of your knowledge and solutions in a personalised way.  This could comprise of a monthly mentorship programme.


If you would like information on coaching, consulting or seminars on business modelling , marketing systems and fundraising, please feel free to call me; Bybreen Samuels on 0208 761 2003 or email at

Bybreen is currently being mentored by a top US entrepreneur on the latest tactics on business development.  She is also a Winston Churchill Fellow and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.



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