The Power of Voice in Your Business – 2nd June

Katie Rose

An Interactive Session on Empowered Self-Expression

Our voice is a tool we use daily –  its the vessel for negotiations, presentations, connections, expressions – and is therefore a fundamental part of healthy business practice.

Listening is also essential –  so much information and space for nourishing connection becomes available when we listen attentively to our clients, friends, family.

This experiential, fun and enriching session will be a discussion and demonstration of how working with our voices opens and enhances communication, liberates creativity and empowers truthful self expression.

Presented by Katie Rose – Singer and Facilitator

Katie Rose is passionate about sharing the magic of sound and has worked with groups and individuals across the UK and internationally.  She composes and performs her own music which interweaves original material with songs from global traditions. She hosts a monthly event The Garden of Roses and a radio show Miraculous Music on Radio Lightworker. For more info please visit:


Date:  Thursday 2nd June 2011

Start time: 6.30pm

Venue: Adam Lounge, 44  Portland Place W1B 1NE

Cost: free

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