Words not Whimpers: How to Sell your Business to the Press ; 7th July

Thinking laterally is one of the most important aspects of marketing your business. Advertising is one way of doing this but the costs soon add up. This is often a problem with new businesses without an established cash flow – and even to long-standing businesses who wish to advertise their sales outside of the trade press.

This talk will focus upon how to identify aspects of your business that you can use to your advantage to gain free publicity through editorial coverage in the regional and specialist press. Writing skills are essential in making the correct impression, so participants in the workshop will be asked to create a press release aimed at the appropriate media outlets. This will be followed by an interactive demonstration of how to do this in the most clear, direct and concise way possible.

Viv Lawes is an arts journalist and lecturer who writes for a number of national and international publications, and she teaches foreign (and sometimes British) students how to write good English. She also crosses the line from journalism to PR (aka ‘The Dark Side’), representing British auction houses toUKnewspapers and radio stations.


BOOK YOUR FREE PLACE : http://wordsnotwhimpers.eventbrite.com/

Date:  Thursday 7th July 2011

Start time: 6.30pm

Venue: Adam Lounge, 44  Portland Place W1B 1NE

Cost: free

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